Archer High Fidelity main store view showing vintage audio equipment to the right and new audio brands front and center
Archer Hi Fi
Archer Hi Fi
Archer HiFi Inside Professional photo showing Harbeth Speakers and Fyne Audio
Audio Technica AT-LPW30BK turntable

Hand-Selected HiFi Brands

Experience the thrill of pristine sound with our curated selection of new audio equipment from our favorite brands. Explore amazing turntables, exceptional speakers, captivating catridges, and killer components designed to create a deeper connection between you and your music.

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Find a Pre-Owned Audio Treasure

Discover the unique charm and timeless sound of our curated pre-owned selection. Unearth a hidden vintage audio gem or find the missing addition to your setup. Our professional technicians ensure that every piece of used and vintage stereo equipment is inspected and working flawlessly to add to your high fidelity system.

Used & Vintage Audio
Pioneer HPM 100 after restoration without background
Archer High Fidelity Tech Bench - The tools used to repair vintage and modern hifi components

Give Your Old Gear New Life

Does your cherished home stereo have a slight hitch in its rhythm or your vintage turntable needs repair? We understand the deep connection you have with your hifi audio equipment. Our skilled technicians are passionate about preserving the sound you love. With their expertise and dedication, they’ll breathe new life into your treasured components, ensuring the music continues to play for years to come. 

Repair & Service
Based on 32 reviews
Matthew de Cazotte
July 5, 2024
Very professional and friendly! Thanks!
George Brehl
July 5, 2024
Incredible wealth of knowledge and super helpful. Highly recommend !
George Thomas
June 28, 2024
The best of the best of the best!
June 25, 2024
Record player wasn’t working, brought it in, within 15 minutes had it sounding like a dream. Highly recommend, honest professional and nice!!!!
wesley crump
June 1, 2024
Extremely friendly people there! They were very helpful in finding the right hi-fi headphones for me. They stayed within my stated budget, and didn’t try to upsell anything. Even so, they let me try some options out of my budget just for fun. Excellent service!
Carl Schneider
May 16, 2024
Love this place! I really appreciate the range of prices and the fact that there are accessible options. Not everyone who is into good sound is willing/able to spend a fortune and Jon gets that. Thanks so much!
Sam Blazek
May 4, 2024
Great local audio spot, very friendly guys
Michael Korpi
April 26, 2024
John was super knowledgeable and helpful. He walked me through my options and helped me make the decision that was best for me. I will definitely go back and I highly recommend this shop!
April 20, 2024
Great service, knowledgeable staff and lots of awesome audio products to look at (vintage and new) and listen to and of course, buy! That's the fun part!
Corretja Theband
April 9, 2024
I bought a tape deck from Jon, I think before he even officially opened up shop. I stumbled in there looking for some help repairing an old tape deck, and he was extremely helpful, very knowledgeable, and most importantly, super nice. My man is clearly a serious and well versed, audiophile. If you're looking for a great phono gear, receivers, and/or speakers, Archer High Fidelity should be your first stop (and will probably be your last stop, too).