Buy / Consign

What are we looking for?

Typically to buy we are looking for home audio equipment made before 1980 in good or better cosmetic condition. Not everything has to be working perfectly on it, but of course, the better the condition, the better the offer.

We are also looking for post 1980 high end home audio equipment.

Some examples of what we are looking for:

  • Vintage (pre 1980) receivers, preamplifiers, amplifiers – solid state and vacuum tube and turntables from brands such as Mcintosh, Marantz, Pioneer, Yamaha, Luxman, Denon, Tanberg and select Scott and Fisher pieces.
  • 1980’s and later single tape decks from Nakamichi, Sony, Yamaha and Denon.
  • HIGH end audio components from 1980s and beyond. These are typically BOUTIQUE American, European and select Japanese brands. Not the mass market brands listed above for pre 1980.
    Typically after 1980 those brands do not have collector interest or sell for very little.

Some examples of what we do NOT want to buy:

  • Home theater receivers and preamp / processors, DVD players and TV’s. Newer projectors that are 5 years old or newer ok.
  • Speakers that sold for less than $2K new
  • Carousel + cartridge style CD players (HIGH end single disk CD players are ok)
  • Most “all-in-one” mini components and soundbars
  • Subwoofers, except select newer (last 5 years) REL and JL Audio subwoofers

Consignment – Terms and Services

We have over a decade of specialized experience with sales of vintage and high end audio equipment to get you top dollar more quickly for your gear, with not only an attractive brick and mortar showroom in a prime location, but also dedicated online stores for new and vintage equipment.

What are we looking for?

Vintage and modern HIGH END home audio equipment in good or better cosmetic condition that has a potential gross sales value of $1,000 or more. Please see above for examples of what we are and what we are not looking for.

Commission Rates & Services

We offer a very reasonable commission rate of no more than 30% (after sales expenses such as listing and credit card fees, if applicable). This is less than most typical estate and Ebay walk in consignment stores, which require commissions as high as 50%.
Lower commission rates are available for payouts taken in store credit. Chose from some of the best new brands and the finest used equipment available!

For that commission we will:

  • Test, photograph and display and / or list your items on specialist websites. If a piece needs service or repair, we have such services and can assist at preferential rates.
  • Investigate and agree with you listing and minimum sales prices
  • Handle all technical and sales questions from prospects
  • Maintain contact with you to discuss and consult with you offers and / or sales strategies to sell your pieces more quickly and effectively.
  • Process payment through all major modes of payment and forward your net proceeds promptly in a quick and convenient fashion
  • Carefully pack and ship goods to purchasers
  • Handle on your behalf any shipping damage or other post sales issues and questions, technical or otherwise.