Analysis Plus Black Oval 12 speaker cables

Black Oval 12 Speaker Cable

The Black Oval 12 Speaker Cable is our best value for a high-end speaker cable. Similar to the Oval 9, but in a slightly smaller 12 gauge oxygen free copper.

Analysis Plus Cables Clear Oval Audiophile Speaker Cable

Clear Oval Speaker Cable

The Clear Oval Speaker Cable is such a transparent cable, Analysis Plus even made the outer jacket of clear PVC. Designed just like the highly-acclaimed Oval 12, but using 14 AWG wire instead of 12 AWG, Clear Oval offers much of the same performance but at a lower price.

Analysis Plus Cables Oval One Interconnect - RCA

Oval One Interconnect (RCA)

The Oval One Interconnects were developed for audiophiles who don’t need XLR connections but want superb-value. They use a braided signal conductor in our proprietary hollow oval design along with a braided outer shield mated to  true 75 ohm RCA connectors with a low-loss dielectric. Because Oval One is handmade using first-rate materials, it will outperform other cables costing many times more. The 100-percent shield coverage ensures the very low noise floor that’s essential to experiencing the entire dynamic range of symphonic music.

Analysis Plus Cables Copper Oval-In Micro Interconnects

Copper Oval-In Micro Interconnects

The Copper Oval-In Micro Interconnects pack a lot in a small cross-sectional area. Three 18 gauge conductors and FEP dielectric in a micro design give great performance in a compact design. These interconnects were designed using patented hollow oval geometry to control current density in a form suitable for braiding from pure oxygen free copper. The signal lines are then wrapped with a shield to provide protection from EMI/RFI. The result is a super quiet, extremely neutral cable, priced well within any budget.

Analysis Plus Black Digital Cable - RCA or BNC connector

Black Digital Cable

The Black Digital Cable uses a braided oval signal conductor alone with a braided outer shield mated to a true 75 Ohm solder-less RCA connector or BNC connector.

Analysis Plus Purple USB Cable

Purple Plus USB Cable

Our Purple Plus USB Cable is a double shielded cable with a large signal wire of 28 AWG and power of 24 AWG to avoid voltage drop.

Analysis Plus Cables Power Oval 2 MK II

Power Oval 2 MK II Power Cable

The new Power Oval 2 MKII Power Cable has a new braid design on the shield and the size has increased to 10 gauge. According to literature, transient noise voltages in power distribution systems are produced by sudden changes in current demand. A low impedance transmission line design, such as that used by Analysis Plus Power Oval cables, is recommended to minimize this noise. The current carrying conductors are then surrounded with a shield to prevent pick-up of high frequency noise.

Analysis Plus Cables Pro Power Oval Power Cable

Pro Power Oval MK II Power Cable

The Pro Power Oval MK II Cable uses better than hospital grade plugs that have Perma-Lock Terminals, large, high spring-rate contacts, glass filled high temperature nylon front housing, polycarbonate rear housing and stainless hardware mated to a true balance cable for lower common mode noise. The 12 AWG gauge cable design has hot and cold leads that are symmetrical with a full shield around the hot and cold conductors to eliminate EMI/EMC.  The cable also has the some of the lowest inductance on the market for the lowest noise voltage.