Cambridge Audio CXA81 MKII lifestyle photo on an audio shelf next to high-end cups.

Award Winning Sound

Cambridge Audio’s dedication to sonic excellence is undeniable. Their products have consistently received critical acclaim and industry awards, year after year. Experience the difference that award-winning sound quality can make in your listening experience.

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“This marks the first time that a music stream has been entered into our Hall of Fame.”


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New Tech, Same Sonic Excellence

Cambridge Audio goes beyond exceptional sound with cutting-edge features on streaming products. Stream high-fidelity audio effortlessly using the award-winning StreamMagic app. Enjoy crystal-clear wireless playback with Bluetooth aptX HD and expand your listening with multiroom compatibility for Google Home, Apple Airplay, and Roon.

Cambridge Audio SX50 on a shelf with the Evo 75 and a CD player
Cambridge Audio Evo 150 All-in-one player black with wood sides on a green background

Beauty Meets Performance

Cambridge Audio understands that your audio equipment should complement your space, not dominate it. Their products boast a timeless, sleek design aesthetic that seamlessly integrates into any home environment.

The clean lines and minimalist design of Cambridge Audio components create a sense of understated elegance. They focus on the essentials, allowing the exceptional sound quality to take center stage.

Music for a Lifetime

Cambridge Audio products are built to deliver exceptional performance for years to come. Their unwavering commitment to quality engineering and meticulous craftsmanship ensures a long-lasting audio experience you can trust.

Built with Passion

Cambridge Audio prioritizes the use of premium materials and time-tested construction techniques in every product. This dedication to quality ensures exceptional audio performance and reliable operation for years to come.

Investment in Sound

Consider your Cambridge Audio components an investment in your enjoyment of music. Their durability ensures you’ll experience the magic of high-fidelity audio for a long time.

Cambridge Audio Internal of Edge amplifier showing massive power supply and incredibly detailed circuit boards
Class XA cambridge audio amplification board close-up
Cambridge Audio CXA81 MKII Integrated Amplifier Front View
Cambridge Audio CXA81 MKII Integrated Amplifier Diagonal View
Cambridge Audio CXA81 MKII Integrated Amplifier Rear View
Cambridge Audio CXA81 MKII Integrated Amplifier diagonal top view

CXA81 Mk II 

Integrated Stereo Amplifier



Award-Winning Sound (4x What Hi-Fi? Product of the Year): Immerse yourself in the exceptional audio quality Cambridge Audio is renowned for.

Drive them Alive: Drive your speakers with with ease thanks to a generous 80 watts per channel output.

Balanced & Efficient Performance: Experience a smooth and detailed listening experience with Class AB amplification, perfect for extended listening sessions.

Exceptional Soundstage: The high-quality toroidal transformer design ensures a wider, more immersive soundstage for your music.

High-Resolution Audio Ready: The ESS ES9018K2M SABRE32 DAC faithfully reproduces digital music files, allowing you to experience the full potential of high-resolution audio sources.

Versatile Connectivity: Connect to a variety of music sources with ease. This amplifier boasts a wide range of inputs, including TOSLINK, coaxial, USB audio, balanced XLR for premium connections, Bluetooth aptX HD for high-quality wireless streaming, and even Roon Tested compatibility for seamless integration with your PC or Mac.

Cambridge Audio CXA81 MKII Integrated Amplifier with Phone in front showing the digital connectivity of the amp
Cambridge Audio CXA35 Integrated Amplifier with Built In Phono Stage Front View
Cambridge Audio CXA35 Integrated Amplifier with Built In Phono Stage Diagonal View
Cambridge Audio CXA35 Integrated Amplifier with Built In Phono Stage Back View
Cambridge Audio CXA35 Integrated Amplifier with Built In Phono Stage Diagonal Top view


Integrated Stereo Amplifier

with (Built-In) Phono-Stage



Detailed Performance at Any Volume: Enjoy clear and powerful sound with 35 watts per channel, perfect for smaller or medium-sized rooms.

Vinyl Ready: The built-in phono stage allows you to connect your turntable directly to the amplifier, making it easy to enjoy your expansive vinyl collection.

Sleek & Timeless Design: The CXA35 boasts a minimalist design with a slim profile and classic hi-fi size. The Lunar Grey aluminium trim adds a touch of sophistication, complementing any home environment.

Customize Your Listening: Fine-tune the sound to match your preferences and room acoustics with the included tone controls.

Easy to Use: A clear white LED display shows the selected source, volume level, and menu options for intuitive control.

Private Listening: Enjoy high-quality audio after-hours with the full-size headphone socket.

Connected: This amplifier offers a variety of connection options for your music sources. Connect your turntable, CD player, or other devices using the analog inputs. A dedicated 3.5mm front aux input allows for easy connection of smartphones or other portable devices. Additionally, Bluetooth connectivity with aptX support ensures high-quality wireless streaming from your smartphone or tablet.

Cambridge Audio CXA35 Integrated Amplifier with Built In Phono Stage Lifestyle image of person adjusting volume while its on a table next to Turntable and Speaker
Cambridge Audio CXN 100 Network Audio Player Front View
Cambridge Audio CXN 100 Network Audio Player Diagonal View
Cambridge Audio CXN 100 Network Audio Player Diagonal Top View

CXN 100

Network Player



Uncompromising Performance: The ESS ES9028Q2M SABRE32 Reference DAC provides stunning digital-to-analogue conversion, translating your digital music into a rich and accurate listening experience.

Stream It All: The powerful StreamMagic Gen4 module unlocks a world of streaming possibilities. Enjoy your favorite music from popular subscription services like Spotify Connect, TIDAL Connect with MQA, Qobuz, and Deezer, all integrated for effortless access. 

Roon Ready: Consolidate your music collection and explore it with ease. The CXN 100 is Roon Ready, allowing you to browse your entire library from a single interface.

Multiroom Audio Made Easy: Expand your listening experience throughout your home. The CXN 100 integrates with popular multiroom systems like Google Home, Apple Airplay, and Roon, allowing you to stream music to different rooms.

Connect Your Way: The CXN 100 offers a variety of connection options to suit your needs. Play high-resolution audio files from a USB drive, connect wirelessly with Chromecast built-in, AirPlay 2, and Bluetooth, or utilize the coaxial and TOSLINK digital inputs.

Big, Beautiful Display: The large, high-resolution color screen lets you browse album art, view streaming information, and navigate menus with ease, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable user experience.

Cambridge Audio CXN 100 Network Player Lifestyle image on a shelf next to a book
Alva ST Belt Drive Turntable Diagonal View with Dust Cover open
Alva ST Belt Drive Turntable Front View
Alva ST Belt Drive Turntable Diagonal View

Alva ST

Belt Drive Turntable with Bluetooth® aptX HD



Effortless Vinyl Playback: The Alva ST features a pre-mounted Audio-Technica AT95E cartridge, allowing you to start playing your records straight out of the box. No need for complicated cartridge alignment or installation.

High-Fidelity Performance: The belt-drive system and precision engineering ensure smooth, stable platter rotation for accurate sound reproduction.

Wireless Freedom with Bluetooth aptX HD: Stream your vinyl collection wirelessly to any compatible Bluetooth speaker or headphones with exceptional sound quality. The aptX HD codec ensures high-fidelity audio transmission, preserving the detail and character of your records.

Classic Design with Modern Convenience: The Alva ST boasts a clean and elegant design that complements any listening environment. The minimalist aesthetic and aluminum top plate exude timeless style. The built-in phono stage allows for a simple connection to your amplifier or receiver, while the switchable line output offers upgradeability for future sonic enhancements.

Easy Operation: The Alva ST features simple electronic push-button speed control for effortless operation.

Removable Headshell for Cartridge Upgrades: The Alva ST comes with a lightweight yet strong tonearm featuring a removable headshell. This allows you to easily upgrade your cartridge in the future for even greater sonic possibilities.

Alva ST Belt Drive Turntable Close up on Cartridge
Cambridge Audio EVO S Bookshelf Speakers Front View
Cambridge Audio EVO S Bookshelf Speakers Diagonal Grills on
Cambridge Audio EVO S Bookshelf Speakers Diagonal Grills Off
Cambridge Audio EVO S Bookshelf Speakers Rear


Bookshelf Speakers



Well-Constructed for Exceptional Sound: Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the EVO S features high-quality components throughout. From the 1-inch black silk dome tweeters for crisp highs to the 6.5-inch anodized aluminum mid-bass drivers for powerful lows, every element is engineered to deliver class-leading audio performance. The robust medium density fibreboard cabinet construction minimizes unwanted resonance, ensuring clear and accurate sound reproduction. Gold-plated speaker terminals provide a secure and reliable connection for seamless integration into your audio system.

Experience the Full Spectrum of Sound: Thanks to the rear bass ports and the careful design of the speakers, the EVO S offers a frequency response that ranges from 50Hz to a crisp 40kHz top end. This wide range ensures you’ll experience all the detail and emotional punch of your music, from the subtlest nuances to the most powerful basslines. Perfectly match the capabilities of the EVO system’s Hi-Res streaming for a truly immersive listening experience.

Compact Design with Big Style: The EVO S boasts a clean and modern design with a black silk dome tweeter and an anodized aluminum mid-bass driver. The unique “floating base” elevates the speakers for a touch of flair, making them a stylish addition to any room. Despite their compact size, they fit discreetly on a bookshelf and come with speaker grilles and cable for a complete package.

Pair with Your EVO System: The EVO S speakers are designed to seamlessly integrate with your EVO system. Their compact size and premium aesthetic echo key design cues of the EVO line, making them a perfect match. They’re ideal for smaller rooms or near-field listening, delivering exceptional sound in a stylish package.

Cambridge Audio EVO S Bookshelf speakers pair with the evo S all-in-one until on a beautifully decorated white shelf
Cambridge Audio AXC35 CD Player Front View
Cambridge Audio AXC35 CD Player Side View
Cambridge Audio AXC35 CD Player Rear View
Cambridge Audio AXC35 CD Player Diagonal Front View


CD Player



Uninterrupted Listening Experience: Featuring gapless playback, the AXC 35 ensures seamless transitions between tracks, ideal for classical pieces, live albums, and DJ mixes. Enjoy your music from beginning to end without any unwanted breaks.

High-Fidelity Sound with Wolfson DAC: The AXC 35 boasts a high-quality Wolfson digital-to-analog converter (DAC) that translates the digital information on your CDs into a beautiful analog signal. This ensures exceptional audio fidelity, allowing you to hear the richness and depth of your music with clarity and precision.

Sleek and Stylish Design: The AXC 35 complements any listening environment with its slim and elegant design. The classic hi-fi design features a unique floating wedge front foot and a lunar grey finish, while the classy white LED display provides clear information for effortless control.

Digital Connection Options: The AXC 35 offers a digital coaxial output for a pure digital connection to compatible amplifiers, providing flexibility in your audio setup.

Cambridge Audio EVO S Bookshelf speakers pair with the evo S all-in-one until on a beautifully decorated white shelf