Dynavector DV20x2 HL Moving Coil Cartridge

Exceptional Listening Experience

The Dynavector DV-20X2 Moving Coil Cartridge is a pinnacle of precision and sonic brilliance in the realm of analog music reproduction. With over 35 years of expertise, Dynavector has garnered acclaim for delivering affordable, high-quality moving coil cartridges. The DV-20X2 exemplifies this legacy, providing an exceptional listening experience without the need for extensive equipment changes.

Unique Features

This cartridge boasts a solid aluminum alloy body and a rigid magnet construction similar to the esteemed XX-2MKII, ensuring durability and precise performance. The 6mm length of hard aluminum pipe cantilever, coupled with a Micro-Ridge stylus, enhances tracking accuracy and detail retrieval. The DV-20X2 H variant offers a robust 2.8 mV output, making it compatible with most MM inputs, while the DV-20X2 L variant, with its 0.3 mV output, excels with dedicated moving coil inputs.

Designed to cater to a range of preferences, the DV-20X2 series ensures an optimum end result. The high output model seamlessly integrates with valve preamplifiers or electronics featuring MM inputs, while the low output version excels when paired with dedicated moving coil inputs.

Dynavector xx2 MK2 diagonal transparent image

Innovative Excellence

Building on the advancements introduced with the DV XX-1, the DV XX-2 MKII retains the groundbreaking “magnetic flux damper” and “softened magnetism” processes patented previously. These processes effectively reject detrimental magnetic fluctuations, setting a new standard for moving coil cartridge performance.

Setting itself apart, the DV XX-2 MKII incorporates an Alnico-5 magnet and a rigid construction akin to the Te Kaitora Rua. Alnico magnets, known for their high magnetic flux density and low coercivity, contribute to the exceptional stability of the cartridge’s output voltage. This, combined with low magnetic and electrical resistance, courtesy of Alnico, results in a discernible improvement in overall sound quality.

Meticulous Features

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the DV XX-2 MKII features a 6mm solid boron cantilever adorned with a Pathfinder Line contact stylus. The coil, constructed with PCOCC (pure copper ohno continuous casting process) copper wire, further enhances the cartridge’s performance. With an output voltage of 0.28mV and 6 ohms impedance, the DV XX-2 MKII seamlessly integrates with most moving coil phono stages.

For structural integrity, the cartridge body is machined from 7075 aluminum, renowned for its hardness. However, with a total weight of only 8.9 grams, the DV XX-2 MKII remains versatile, suitable for a variety of popular tonearms. Explore a new realm of audio precision with the Dynavector DV-XX2 MKII – where innovation, precision, and exceptional sonic quality converge.

Dynavector XX-2mk2 dimensions drawing
Dynavector DV-10x5 MKII Moving Coil Cartridge

Build on Heritage and Innovation

This cartridge, recipient of the esteemed Design and Engineering Award at the Chicago CES in both 1978 and 1981, continues to set benchmarks in moving coil cartridge innovation.

The 10X5 MKII introduces several exclusive Dynavector technologies, including Magnetic Flux Damping, Softened Magnetism (Patent), and powerful neodymium magnets renowned for delivering Dynavector’s signature smooth treble response. This MC cartridge stands as a testament to meticulous engineering, eliminating the need for a step-up device or MC phono preamplifier.

Stylus Improvements

Undergoing significant improvements, the 10X5 MKII features an enhanced stylus assembly with the nude diamond “Shibata III” line contact stylus and a hardened cantilever material. These advancements not only ensure secure tracking over challenging record grooves but also contribute to an extended high-frequency response and heightened musical resolution.

dynavector 10x5 mk2 stylus drawings
Dynavector 10x5 mkII drawing

Impeccable Design

The legendary Dynavector coil winding technology, utilizing the finest wire, allows for a minute increase in coil windings, resulting in a reduced impedance to 150 ohms while maintaining a healthy 2.8mV output. Mounting the cartridge to the tonearm is achieved through a rigid red aluminum head block, providing a stable platform for the cartridge and ensuring easy, secure fixing to the tonearm.

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