Ibasso DC Elite Portable Dongle slightly turned with white background
Ibasso DC Elite Portable Dongle slightly turned with white background
Ibasso DC Elite Portable Dongle Standing up with white background

Flagship ROHM BD34301EKV DAC

Immerse yourself in the superior audio prowess of the iBasso DC-Elite, featuring the industry-leading ROHM BD34301EKV DAC chip. This flagship component ensures a broadened soundstage and heightened dynamic range, transforming your auditory journey into a rich, detailed sonic experience that captivates every nuance of your music.

Efficient Power Design

Navigate a world of exceptional audio performance without the burden of battery concerns. Meticulously engineered for efficiency, the DC-Elite maximizes power and sound quality without compromising your connected device’s battery life. Revel in an extended, uninterrupted listening experience that seamlessly blends robust power with uncompromised performance.

iBasso DC-Elite Standing next to a green case with a grey backgorund
Ibasso DC Elite portable dongle - 2 Devices with a white background showing a diagonal shadow

Premium Aerospace Titanium Build

Crafted with precision from aerospace-grade titanium alloy, the DC-Elite is a fusion of opulence and durability. The exquisite finish, coupled with tempered glass panels on the top and bottom, enhances the device’s aesthetics while ensuring unmatched strength and lightweight portability. Experience a device that not only delivers exceptional sound but also reflects sophistication in its design.

Versatile Outputs

As a superb flagship device, the DC-Elite offers both balanced 4.4mm and single-ended 3.5mm outputs. With the DX320MAX as its inspiration, this dongle is crafted for audio excellence. Channeling the legacy of its predecessor, the DC-Elite provides a versatile and high-quality audio experience, seamlessly connecting with your favorite devices.

ibasso dc elite 3.5mm and 4.4mm outputs highlighted in neon letters with arrows showing where they exist on the device
iBasso DC-Elite with headphones hooked into it

Revolutionary Attenuator & Complete Player Structure

iBasso created a compact 24 position, 4 section stepped attenuator with channel imbalance tolerance below 0.1dB. Bid farewell to bit reduction issues in digital volume adjustment as the DC-Elite’s SNR sets a new standard in dongle products. The complete player structure, featuring FPGA->DAC->I/V->LPF->VOL->AMP architecture, distinguishes the DC-Elite, achieving exceptional playback performance and marking a notable advancement in sound quality. Immerse yourself in innovation and excellence as the DC-Elite pushes the boundaries of what’s achievable in portable audio.

iBasso DC06Pro High Resolution Portable DAC and AMP Sitting on it's side with a White background
iBasso DC06Pro High Resolution Portable DAC and AMP standing with a White background
2 iBasso DC06Pro High Resolution Portable DACs showing their front and back connections with White background

Dual ES9219C DACs for High-Resolution Audio

The iBasso DC06Pro represents a significant leap forward in audio technology, harnessing the full potential of dual ES9219C DAC chips. Through extensive research, development, and meticulous listening sessions, this ultra-portable DAC delivers a rich and authentic audio experience at an exceptionally affordable price. The implementation of dual DAC chips not only increases power output relative to its compact size but also minimizes the noise floor, ensuring a remarkable audio encounter on a daily basis.

Dedicated Power Supply for AMP Section

Experience enhanced audio quality with the DC06Pro’s advanced technology, introducing a dedicated power supply for the AMP section. Incorporating a synchronous DC-DC converter, low-noise charge pump chip, and LDO, this enhancement allows the AMP section to operate at its maximum capacity without interference from the digital section. Enjoy heightened dynamics, impactful bass, and overall transparency in sound quality.

iBasso DC06Pro connected to a phone via USB with high level earphones attach
iBASso DC06 Pro FPGA chip

FPGQ + NDK Femtosecond Oscillator

Explore audio precision with the DC06Pro’s proprietary FPHA algorithm and the NDK femtosecond oscillator. Achieving remarkably low jitter, this implementation minimizes distortion, resulting in a significant enhancement in the quality of the musical sound.

MQA 16x Hardware MQA Rendering

Experience MQA audio in a new light with the DC06Pro’s hardware for rendering MQA. With 16x hardware MQA rendering, the device unfolds your MQA files to their full potential, providing a certified and plug-and-play solution for a rich and enveloping listening experience.

2 iBasso DC06Pros on top of black pebbles
iBasso DCPro - 2 of them showing the hi-res audio logo

CNC Aluminum Case with Tempered Hardened Glass Panels

Designed for both functionality and aesthetics, the DC06Pro boasts a high-grade CNC-milled aluminum alloy case. The open volume control feature, achieved through complex CNC steps, enhances both functionality and visual appeal. Tempered hardened glass panels further contribute to the device’s aesthetic and quality, ensuring a premium and durable finish.

Discover the epitome of portable, affordable, audio excellence with the iBasso DC06Pro, an ultra-portable DAC meticulously crafted to deliver an exceptional auditory experience.

iBasso DX170 showing a beautiful display in all 3 possible colors from a diagonal angle.
iBasso DX170 showing a beautiful display in a black case from a diagonal angle.
iBasso DX170 showing a beautiful display in a grey case from a diagonal angle.
iBasso DX170 showing a beautiful display in a blue case from a diagonal angle.

Cutting-Edge Audio Technology

The iBasso DX170 utilizes an FPGA-Master system controller, orchestrating audio data retrieval and maintaining signal integrity. Dual NDK femtosecond oscillators synchronize audio clocks, minimizing jitter for a pristine, synchronized audio signal.

Extraordinary Performance with Dual Cirrus Logic DACs

Illuminate the nuances of your favorite tunes with dual Cirrus Logic flagship DAC chips, CS43131, offering a dynamic range of 130dB and a THD+N of 115dB. Exclusive OPAMP+ BUF amplification enhances transparency, exquisiteness, and musicality, providing powerful and realistic audio reproduction through both 3.5mm and 4.4mm outputs.

iBasso DX170 high performance personal audio device showing a Beautiful Display. It's sitting in black pebbles.
iBasso DX170 RK2566 Quad Core Processor

Advanced RK SoC for Seamless Responsiveness

Powered by the RK3566, the DX170 achieves incredible system responsiveness, surpassing an AnTuTu score of 100,000. Experience an enhanced user interface and improved performance, setting new standards in the mid-range player category.

Sharp Full Screen Display and Android 11 OS

Immerse yourself in a visually stunning experience with a full-screen display featuring 16.7 million colors and 480cd/m2 brightness. The DX170 runs on Android 11, providing a smooth and intuitive user interface, supporting APK installation, and inheriting iBasso’s system-wide “Non-SRC” Android 11 OS architecture.

iBasso DX170 Display featuring Android 11 Operating system shown on two DX170s with one laying on top of the other
iBasso DX170 on top of a record while playing Alicia Keys on screen. Earphones site adjacent on the record as well

Stylish Design, Low Noise Floor, and MQA Technology

Embrace a stylish audio companion with the CNC-engraved aluminum frame, available in Black, Grey, or Blue anodized finishes. The DX170’s ultra-low noise floor ensures a heightened musical experience, allowing you to focus on every note. Additionally, with MQA 8X technology, the DX170 captures and unfolds the essence of original studio performances, adding a new dimension to your music enjoyment.

iBasso DX260 Front View with Song Playing
iBasso DX260 portable audio device back
iBasso DX260 portable audio device laying on it's side
iBasso DX260 Lifestyle front and back square image on gray background

Evolved Audio System Controller – FPGA Master 2.0

Experience the evolution of audio processing with the DX260’s FPGA-Master 2.0, a second-generation audio system controller. Synchronizing audio clocks with precision, it utilizes two NDK femtosecond oscillators to achieve a fully synchronized single clock source. The innovative algorithm allows for picosecond-level precise control, adjusting DAC clock, data, and constructing FIR filters, unlocking the full potential of the Octa CS43198 DAC chip.

CS43198 x 8: Octa DAC Chip Matrix

Delve into the realm of audio fidelity with the DX260’s Octa DAC Chip Matrix, featuring the flagship Cirrus Logic CS43198. Achieving a groundbreaking THD+N of -123dB, this DAC matrix sets a new standard in the industry, providing exceptional dynamic range, outstanding micro-detail resolution, and an impressively low noise floor for an immersive listening experience.

iBasso DX260 CS43198 DAC Chip image
iBasso DX260 FPG Master DAC Matrix

The DAC Matrix Magician

Unleash the magic of the DAC matrix with FPGA-Master 2.0’s new algorithm. Synchronous parallel output mode and FIR filter adjustments enhance overall performance by reducing discrete distortion between DACs. Through “delay parallel” of 4 DACs, distortion is minimized, revealing intricate sound details and realism for an auditory journey.

Android 11 + Mango OS

Immerse yourself in the choice between a wide-open app-centric experience with Android 11 or a pure audio player experience with Mango OS. The DX260 efficiently bypasses SRC at the system level, ensuring the highest quality sound from the recording. Mango OS, a Linux-based audio system, offers a pure sound experience with lower EMI and minimal interference, delivering an exceptional listening experience.

iBasso DX260 Lifestyle black and white background
iBasso DX260 showing easy back cover removal for total battery access

New Design + User Removable Cover

Witness a new design era with volume control guards and an industrial aesthetic. The user-removable rear cover provides easy access to the battery, ensuring a hassle-free replacement process. Embrace the DX260’s distinctive appearance and functional design for a melodious voyage.