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Meze Audio NEO 99 Case

Effortless Luxury

Immerse yourself in the world of high-fidelity audio with the Meze 99 Neo headphones, a testament to Meze Audio’s dedication to precision and quality. Drawing inspiration from the revered Classics series, the 99 Neo exemplifies a commitment to excellence in every detail. Crafted with cast zinc alloy hardware featuring an electroplated coating, a stamped manganese spring steel headband, and adorned with memory foam and soft PU leather, the 99 Neo is a symphony of premium materials. This meticulous construction not only enhances the visual appeal but also contributes to a comfortable and immersive listening experience.

Fully Serviceable

What sets the 99 Neo apart is its commitment to longevity. Sharing the same DNA as the Classics series, these headphones are fully serviceable. Each component is designed with precision, and Meze Audio guarantees that if any parts ever need replacement, the 99 Neo can be effortlessly restored to its original glory. Elevate your audio journey with headphones that not only deliver exceptional sound but also stand the test of time.

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Meze Audio 99 Classics Gold Diagonal View
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Meze Audio 99 Classics full view
Meze Audio 99 Classics wooden ear cups
Each wooden ear-cup of the 99 Classics is precision carved on a CNC machine and then hand finished and polished
Meze Audio 99 Classics Case and accessories
Meze Audio 99 Classics Development
The Development of the 99 Classics

Elegantly Crafted

The 99 Classics feature a robust construction of cast zinc alloy hardware with an electroplated coating, ensuring both durability and a captivating visual allure. The headband, crafted from stamped manganese spring steel, not only provides strength but also a personalized fit for extended comfort during immersive listening sessions.

Luxurious Comfort, Impeccable Design

Immerse yourself in exceptional comfort with the combination of memory foam and soft PU leather, creating an ergonomic design that envelops you in an audio sanctuary. The walnut wood ear cups not only contribute to the rich sound signature but also add an element of timeless elegance, making the 99 Classics a statement piece in both form and function.

Built to Last, Designed for You

True to the Meze Audio commitment to longevity, the 99 Classics are fully serviceable, reflecting a dedication to sustainability and enduring quality. Elevate your audio journey with headphones that are not just an accessory but a timeless companion in your pursuit of sonic perfection.

Meze Audio 99 Classics Awards
Meze Audio Advar Main Photo White BG
Meze Audio Advar Main grey BG
Meze Audio Advar On black glass

Mesmerizing Sound Signature

ADVAR captivates listeners with an endearing sound quality tailored to diverse preferences. Its 10.2mm single dynamic driver, intricately tuned, produces a warm and dynamic presentation, staying true to Meze Audio’s renowned sound signature. The diaphragm’s impressive control across the frequency range unveils a smooth, velvet-like sound, ensuring no compromise on detail accuracy.

Easy-to-Drive Brilliance

With high sensitivity and low impedance, ADVAR effortlessly pairs with any device, offering accuracy and fidelity across a wide frequency range from 10Hz to 30kHz. Experience a mesmerizing audio journey, where every note is faithfully reproduced for an immersive listening experience.

Audio Technica Advar next to cable artistic image
Meze Audio ADVAR details

Inspired and Ergonomic Design

Crafted with inspiration from raw hematite’s rounded surface and carefully sculpted curves, the stainless steel shell embodies an ergonomically contoured design. This design ensures ease of insertion and removal, providing a rock-solid shape for optimal stability. Over-ear hooks reduce discomfort during extended listening sessions, enhancing noise isolation.

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Meze Audio 109Pro Side View
Meze Audio 109Pro Top View
Meze Audio 109 Pro Case and Accessories
Meze Audio 109 Pro Diaphragm design
Meze Audio 109 Pro Breakout diagram with parts


Experience music like never before with the Meze Audio’s 109 Pro’s W-shaped diaphragm dome. Meticulously crafted from a lightweight carbon fiber enforced cellulose composite, this innovative design brings high frequencies to life with remarkable detail, clarity, and definition. Say goodbye to unwanted resonances, as each note is delivered with precision, ensuring an auditory journey that captivates your senses.

Engaging Design

Step into a world of music where each element matters. The open-back design of the 109 Pro creates an immersive experience, connecting you deeply with your favorite tunes. Crafted by our in-house engineering team, these headphones offer emotionally engaging sound with exceptional detail, clarity, and the perfect amount of punch. 

Meze Audio 109 Pro Leaning
Meze Audio 109 Pro scaled side image

Ergonomic Luxury

The spider-shaped structure, acoustically transparent grill, self-adjusting headband, and velour cushions provide optimal comfort, spreading even pressure for any head shape and size. Enjoy prolonged listening sessions without distraction as the headphones become virtually unnoticeable, leaving you with nothing but the pure enjoyment of the music.

Meze Audio Liric Diagonal View
Meze Audio Liric Front View
Meze Audio Liric Side View
Meze Audio Liric with case and accessories

Cutting-Edge Hybrid Array Driver

Experience audio excellence redefined with the MZ4 Isodynamic Hybrid Array Driver, a testament to over 30 years of research and development by Rinaro. Scaled down from flagship models, this technological marvel preserves the clarity and emotion of your favorite music while minimizing external noise, creating an audio journey crafted for everyday elegance.

Immersive Spatial Imaging

Immerse yourself in the groundbreaking Phase-X™ system, a revolutionary leap in sound imaging that addresses phase distortion issues inherent in closed-back headphones. This patent-pending innovation ensures an unparalleled spatial sound imaging experience, delivering accuracy comparable to open-back counterparts. Particularly notable on binaural recordings, the Phase-X™ system unveils the original spatial image as it was recorded, offering absolute linear phasing.

Meze Audio Liric lifestyle with media player
Meze audio Liric driver explosion

IsoPlanar Diaphragm for Sonic Precision

The IsoPlanar Diaphragm, crafted from a custom-developed isotropic thermally stabilized polymer, ensures ultralight yet rigid performance. This unique material, with a conductive layer, contributes to the precision and clarity that define the Liric listening experience.

Innovative Ear Pad Air Flow System

This innovative technology not only reduces the weight and size of the Liric headphones but also optimizes their acoustic volume. Precision-cut air vents, ingeniously integrated from the ear cup chamber into the ear pads, allow the MZ4 driver to harness acoustic volume from both the ear pads and the ear cup chamber. This groundbreaking design significantly diminishes the required size of the ear cup chamber, ensuring that the Liric maintains a compact and genuinely portable closed-back headphone profile without compromising on its exceptional acoustic performance.

Meze Audio Liric Earpad Airflow system